Every Mala piece is handmade with love and passion in the south of Sri Lanka. We are passionately thriving to create a Yoga wear line that makes the world a better place. In saying this, we go to great lengths to make sure our entire supply and production chain are as clean and responsible as possible. 

This sustainable and ethical approach leads us to a try conscious consideration of both, people and the planet before, during and after production. We are producing in a small ethical factory, ensuring great working conditions for the local staff, fighting exploitation and standing for fair trade and a sustainable production.

PAttern Making

Mala is designed by and with Yoga teachers, aiming for the perfect fit, great comfort and soft feel while practicing Yoga. With minimal seams, a high support and minimalistic styles, we aim for Yoga wear that highlights the diversity and beauty of all women’s body shapes in a comforting and encouraging way. In close and detailed work with our local Sri Lankan pattern maker, we are confident to have come up with a great fit suiting body shapes in the sizes Small, Medium and Large. 


In our production, we are making sure that all machines and accessories are perfectly matching the requirements of our high quality fabrics. Stretch and Yoga wear requires special equipment, like needles, advanced machine feeding parts and threads. 


In the final stages of our production, we are making sure that each piece leaving the factory is checked multiple times and up to the high standard we are offering with our Yoga wear. We are trying to fix small blemishes, so we can reduce waste and the negative impact on our environment. Pieces with small damages that are just limited to the appearance and not the practicability and longevity are sold with a discount so each piece gets some love and doesn’t end up in the trash. 

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