Mala the label was founded by Yoga teacher, lawyer and designer Marleen Choinowski in the south of Sri Lanka, the tropical island in the Indian Ocean. Out of love and care for our precious planet and with passion for sustainable high quality Yoga wear, Marleen started Mala in 2019 with a strong vision to create a Yoga wear brand that hits the brakes of fast fashion and excessive consuming. With it’s clean feminine and minimalistic styles and artisanally hand made pieces, Mala is designed to highlight the diversity and beauty of all women’s body shapes in a comforting and encouraging way. With this philosophy, Mala gathered a diverse customer base that cares about sustainable and ethical slow fashion just as much as we do. From the early days selling our handmade pieces in the south of Sri Lanka, we are now ready and excited to travel with Mala around the world and grow it into a internationally beloved fashion brand that makes a statement in the conscious movement around the fashion industry. Our Mala team feels like family to us, so we make sure to treat everyone likewise. By using only recycled off-cut materials, producing in a small ethical factory and by collaborating just with small local businesses, we are trying to ensure an ethical and sustainable outcome and make the world a better place in every possible way.

About Marleen

Marleen is the soul and heart behind our brand and has influenced the line with all her passion, care and enthusiasm in a significant way. Whoever knows Marleen feels that her positive energy and free-spirited mind has significantly influenced the brand and each and every piece of it. After graduating in law in Germany in 2017, Marleen decided to broaden her personal and professional horizon abroad and worked as a Yoga teacher in Portugal and Morocco before discovering Sri Lanka as her island home away from home. Inspired by the love for Yoga and passionately thriving to have a better impact on our precious environment, Marleen started designing Mala. While constantly thriving for a high quality Yoga wear line, she makes sure that each Mala piece is handmade with love. To do so, she is her self making sure that the team behind Mala is well taken care of and is enjoying a positive and appreciative work environment. Her positive attitude and aura is contagious. During production, you’ll see Marleen in the factory every day, making bad jokes and making sure every sewer has a smile on their face. 

Muse & Inspiration

Marleen finds inspiration in her Yoga practice, the beautiful nature that is surrounding her and her adventurous travels around the globe. If you don’t find her on the Yoga mat or with her hand sticking in a cookie jar, she is probably catching waves while surfing or being creative while painting on drift wood. Marleen thrives to support woman in their independent path, finding self-love and acceptance for their bodies and to celebrate the diversity and beauty of all woman’s body shapes in a comforting and encouraging way. 

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid. 



Sri Lanka, the beautiful tropical island in the Indian Ocean, is home to Mala. In the south of the island in the small bay Hiriketiya, which is also called „Blue Beach“ because of it’s stunning clear water, it’s easy to get carried away by the beauty and authenticity of the untouched tropical world. We cherish our connection to this precious environment and the continued support from locals and visitors alike. We deeply acknowledge the traditions and culture of the country we live and work in and pay our deepest respect to the local community, elders, past, present and emerging. 

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